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About Jenet

You are the most important person in your life, so why not act on it.

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Improve Your Quality of Life.

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you helping me.

When I first met Jenet, I had anxiety and fear of confidence in myself. Whether it was my new exciting path to study a Bachelor Degree while working full time, public speaking, or even struggling through social situations. 

These hidden feelings started to affect my every day life. What was happening to me? How did I get to this? I used to be so confident?

After a few sessions with Jenet, I started to notice a huge difference in myself. Once when situations would leave me in a ball of stress, I could now manage in a calming motion.

I cannot thank Jenet enough, she has truly turned my life around for the better! 

I would recommend Hypnotherapy to anyone who is feeling this.  💚 You are the most important person in your life, so why not act on it. Improve your quality of life 💚"

Sarah Duke


About Jenet Kirby


Jenet has extensive training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy having initially trained in 1998.  She has found hypnosis and NLP to be very effective in communicating with the mind/body connection to achieve positive results.

Professional Memberships 

 Jenet is accredited as a professional clinical member of the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Inc (AACHP). She has served as President and Vice President of the Australian Clinical Hypnotherapists Association Inc. and became an Accredited Supervisor through the Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists Australia.  

Starting her career as a nurse,  Jenet has worked in both the medical and corporate areas and has facilitated at the Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy Australia.
Professional Development 

Jenet is a progressive, professional Clinical Hypnotherapist who continues to keep up to date by undertaking professional development through seminars, conferences and conventions in Melbourne, Sydney and overseas in the U.S.
Areas of Interest

Jenet has had a particular interest in holistic health/wellness – body, mind and spirit for over 40 years and has studied and/or trained extensively in: 

  • HypnoBirthing® 
  • HypnoFertility® 
  • NLP & Coaching
  • Stress Management 
  • The Journey 
  • Be Set Free Fast 
  • Counselling 
  • Complementary Medical Hypnosis 
  • Diabetes Motivational Coaching 

Hypnotherapy can help you live the life you deserve. 

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Helping You in all Stages of Life



“Our experience with hypno-therapy and Jenet started not long after we were diagnosed with fertility issues and had just started our first IVF treatment cycle.

We had a positive pregnancy result after only one IVF treatment cycle. I am confident that the regular hypno-therapy sessions with Jenet played a significant role in this success, and continued with hypno-fertility sessions throughout the early stages of pregnancy.

I am now in my last trimester and my husband and I have just completed our hypno-birthing education program.

My personal experience with the support of hypno-therapy for fertility and birthing helped reduce anxiety and negativity through focusing on being positive and succesful. It allowed me to cope with my sometimes overwhelming concerns and fears.

We are delighted that we are now so close to achieving our ultimate goal of having a baby, and would strongly recommend hypno-therapy and Jenet to anyone who needs support with conceiving, early pregnancy and preparation for birth.”

Julie K.