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Helping you to focus, gain control and get on with your life using hypnosis

Help for Overwhelm

Overwhelmed and Stuck?


Anxious, stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, panicked even?  Are these the words you use to describe yourself?  These can stop you from living the life you want to live.

Self doubt, lack of confidence, stress and a low self image can be difficult to improve by yourself.  Sometimes you need someone else to guide you from where you are to where you want to be.

The door into a real and fulfilling life has been unlocked for me by Jenet. Feelings and behaviours associated with living with constant self doubt, no confidence and extremely poor self image, have subsided into a more relaxed confident and positive approach to life. 

The exhaustion associated with this lack of self esteem was only burying my soul further. My initial appointment was for weight control – not only is the weight falling off, but the real person living behind that safety shield is now free to focus on a new happier self. This entire experience has been life changing and I now look forward to the happy times ahead in my life. Thank you Jenet.”


If you want to get started with getting on with your life, contact Jenet for a Free 20 Minute Consultation where you can ask questions and we can explore if we would be a good match. 


“The hypnotherapy has helped me in where I imagine myself to be. The changes I’ve experienced in the last 5 months, however small have been great. Since the last session, I can see how other people react to me, and I no longer have the idea that everyone is ‘out to get me.’

I believe that with a clear subconscious, one can in time achieve their full potential. The balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual has achieved a healthier, positive outlook on life for me.”

John – Engineer

Free 20 Minute Consultation